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Wuhan Academy of Agricultural Sciences is a municipal institution and one of the earliest agricultural institutions in large and medium cities.Wuchang Farm was established in 1950 and Wuhan Center of Agricultural Science and Technology  was set up in 1984,which was renamed by Wuhan Academy of Agricultural Science and Technology in 1989 and Wuhan Academy of Agricultural Sciences in 2016.The main functions of the academy are:

I. Basic and applied research on agricultural science and technology for vegetables,husbandry and veterinary,crops, aquatic products, forestry and fruit, agricultural machinery,etc.

II. To carry out agricultural planning and design, agricultural ecological security, environmental monitoring and technical research, agricultural product quality and safety testing, and related technology and standards research;

III. To undertake major agricultural scientific research tasks at national, provincial and city level, and to carry out relevant research on agricultural development strategy, agricultural informatization, agricultural Internet of things and so on.

IV. To carry out  the work of innovation of agricultural science and technology, transformation and demonstration of scientific achievements and to provide technical, talent and scientific research results for the development of agriculture and rural economy.

V. To undertake continuing education for agricultural technical personnel and training for new types of vocational farmers.

VI. To supervise, maintain and increase the value of state-owned assets and  the construction and management of science and technology parks in order to provide scientific and technological support for the development of the city's agriculture and rural economy.

Adhering to the principle of "establishing  the academy based on research, strengthening the academy by talents, developing the academy by transforming scientific achievements,and running the academy by innovation",Wuhan Academy of Agricultural Sciences  vigorously carry out scientific and technological innovation and scientific research cooperation by closely following by frontier technology and major national, provincial and city scientific and technological demand,strive to explore the road to the construction of modern institution.As a result,technological output capacity of the academy has developed by leaps and bounds,the construction of scientific and technological platforms has increased dramatically, and scientific research and testing facilities have been increasingly improved.The talent strength of the academy is growing day by day, and the scientific achievement transformation repeatedly creates the outstanding achievement.In addition,  a national first-class agricultural science and technology park has been created.All of those embody the spirit of "being the first to pursue excellence",The comprehensive strength of scientific economy occupies the leading position in the agricultural research institutes of the national vice-provincial cities.

Thanks to the unremitting efforts of all the staff and workers, a series of remarkable achievements have been made:

--Aquatic vegetable resources are rare in the world, first in the country.

--Modern urban agricultural planning and design ranks first in the country .

--Non-operative transfer of cow embryo  is the first in China.

--The academy is only one Local scientific research institution running two industry plans of Ministry of Agriculture in the country .

There are 375 professionals of all kinds (accounting for more than 2 / 3 of the city's agricultural technicians).Among them,there are  69 professional and technical personnel with doctor’s degree, 111 masters ’s degree,and  188 senior professional and technical personnel.Up to now, the staff of the academy has received 110 commendations at and above the municipal level,including 1 national outstanding professional and technical personnel,21 experts enjoying State Council’s special allowance,4 experts enjoying provincial government’s special allowance,6 young experts with outstanding contribution,1 millions of Talent Projects National candidate,1 provincial "111" talent project candidate,1 provincial high-end talents guide plan candidate, 2 provincial new century high-level talent project candidates.

In the new historical period,in the face of fierce international and domestic competition in agricultural science and technology and greater demand for the development of modern agriculture, Wuhan Academy of Agricultural Sciences will comprehensively implement the innovation-driven strategy to continuously promote innovation in the  fields of biological agriculture and life health.The academy will constantly improve the ability of scientific and technological innovation, the ability of transforming scientific achievements and the ability of social service, and strive for the establishment of the 13th Five-Year Plan as  national and regional urban agricultural scientific and technological innovation center.

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